Landowners have a legal duty of care to take reasonable steps to ensure those who could be affected by their trees are not exposed to an unacceptable risk of harm.

We provide all services from basic tree risk management inspections for householders, to designing, implementing and maintaining tree risk management systems for large landowners, tailored to clients’ individual circumstances, requirements and budget.

Contrary to popular belief and to what many of the less reputable/knowledgeable tree surgeons may advise, significant pruning/crown reduction work is physiologically damaging to trees. This is why it is not usually a good idea to ask a tree surgeon for advice about tree risk management, as there may be a conflict between what is best for the trees and a tree surgeon’s motivation to get some tree pruning business from your enquiry.

Treecosystems have extensive experience of tree risk management, with an up to date understanding of the legal environment and in depth understanding of tree physiology. This is applied to our tree risk management surveys, ensuring our clients’ legal obligations are met, whilst being as sympathetic to the needs and physiological health of the trees concerned as possible.

Our clients will therefore also minimise their subsequent spend on tree surgery, as only essential tree works, or works up to the level of risk tolerance our clients choose to specify will be recommended.