This service is for:

  • Landowners holding events on their land
  • Event organisers
  • Educational purposes – forest schools, forest school certification bodies
  • Anyone who may be concerned about the effect of activities on their trees

Soil compaction is the single biggest killer of trees, but the one factor that is usually not even considered at the majority of large outdoor events in locations where there are trees.

Consequently, significant cumulative damage to, often, very high value trees, continues to be caused up and down the UK every year at the majority of sites holding outdoor events where there are trees or woodlands.

Many forest schools also have not considered this and may, unwittingly, be causing significant damage, as well as missing a key learning element for the children.

Is this your site right now?!! If so, please get in touch.

Events (festivals, exhibitions, shows, etc)

Treecosystems can identify the significant tree constraints on your site that should be protected and can suggest a range of solutions for protecting them, depending on the intended site usage around the tree.

Evaluating all your tree constraints before you plan an event layout allows you to adopt the least damaging layout and minimise the need for more complex tree protection solutions from the outset.

Where significant soil compaction damage has already been caused to high value trees, Treecosystems can advise upon and carry out any necessary soil remediation to facilitate tree and soil recovery.

Forest schools

Treecosystems can assess the best ways to make woodland access by forest schools as sustainable as possible. Explaining the measures to be put into place to the children can then form a key part of their education on sustainable woodland access.

Treecosystems can also provide expert support towards the development of a sustainable access curriculum.