At Treecosystems we have a combined experience of over 25 years in the management of high value tree populations, including several keystone populations of ancient and veteran trees. This has been alongside ongoing involvement with research into:

  • Understanding and diagnosing factors leading to tree declines.
  • Healthy soils to support healthy tree growth and cutting-edge tree and soil health treatments.

Our pioneering work with tree vitality and soil health treatments mitigates for the negative effects of [anthropogenic] pollution inputs and other activities damaging to tree and soil ecosystem health. Because there are now so many additional pressures upon trees in the modern world which undermine tree health and resilience (pollution, visitor pressure, evolution and introduction of new, often exotic, pests and diseases, etc), this work has never been so important.

With our experience set, expert knowledge base and active connections to research institutions, we are uniquely placed in the industry to be able to fully assess and understand factors leading to poor tree and soil ecosystem health, and design tailored mitigation strategies to help damaged trees and damaged land recover.

Treecosystems is a pioneer in the field of Regenerative Arboriculture and is the only UK company specialising primarily in this new field, working for commercial, public sector and domestic clients, as well as several high-profile NGOs.

Treecosystems are:

Geoff Monck FdSc (Arb), MSc DIC, M Arbor A, VETcert consulting
Rob Grist Tech Arbor A